2014 Student Research

This page features the titles for student research being presented at the 3rd Annual Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples Conference. To download student research abstracts, click here.
Oral Presentation Abstracts
Decolonizing research: Traditional knowledge, History and Science
Climate Impacts and Culture
Sovereignty and Environmental Justice
  • Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT Initiative: A Case Study on Changing Climate Change Mitigation Narratives, Mairin Peck, UO Clark Honors College – HC 434
  • How Translations (Dis)Empower Indigenous Identity Politics, Charlotte Rheingold, UO Clark Honors College – HC 434
Case Studies
STUDENT POSTER ABSTRACTS (Listed alphabetically by class)
ENVS 411/511: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples
HC 434: Climate and Culture in the Americas
  • Changing Arctic Foodways, Ben Leamon, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Guna People and Climate Change: Power Dynamics, Media Portrayals, and Cultural Resilience, Michael Enseki-Frank, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Invisible Hands: How Neoliberalism and Climate Change affect Gender Roles, Megan Gleason, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Doctor is Out: Climate Change and its Effects on Traditional Medicine for Canada’s First Peoples, Alex Hardin, UO Clark Honors College
  • A Case from Pacific Island Archaeology Illustrating the Role of Anthropology in Countering Climate Reductionist Thinking, Sean Hixon, UO Clark Honors College
  • Narrating Glaciers as Ruined Futures, M Jackson, University of Oregon
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Inuit Communities: Food Security, Celine Johnson, UO Clark Honors College
  • Mental health decline as a result of the loss of place-attachment, Emma Kleck, University of Oregon
  • Fire and Forests: Culture and Annual Prairie Burning of the Kalapuya, Wade Martin, UO Clark Honors College
  • Dominant Narratives Surrounding Deforestation, Climate, and Indigenous Rights in the Amazon, Julia Metzler, UO Clark Honors College
  • Buen Vivir: the challenges to living better, Helena Schlegel, UO Clark Honors College
  • Responsibility, Action, and Agency: The Marshall Island Response to Climate Change, Elizabeth Strickland, UO Clark Honors College
  • Climate Science, Indigenous Knowledge, and the Humanities in the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC, Andrew Swift, UO Clark Honors College
  • Climate Change, Health and Safety in the Arctic: An Examination of the Effect of Declining Sea Ice on Indigenous Arctic Peoples, Jonathan Wallace, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Effects of Global Climate Change on the Migration Patterns and Habitat of Sea Mammals and its Impact on Culture and Lifestyles of Arctic Indigenous Tribes, Alex Worth, UO Clark Honors College
HC 444: Decolonizing Research: The Northern Paiute History Project
  • The Warm Springs Boarding School: Constructing White Femininity While Destabilizing Female Tribal Identity, Eva Bertoglio, UO Clark Honors College
  • Who was Chief Paulina? Restoration History and the Reconstruction of Paulina’s Identity in Popular Memory, Sarianne Harris, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Malheur Reservation: An Examination of the Rights of the Northern Paiutes from Founding to Closing, Sophie Hoover, UO Clark Honors College
  • Hidden Hunters: The Little-Known Native Soldiers that Changed Warfare in the West, Tyler Jorgensen, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Varying Representation of Northern Paiute Historical Narratives in Oregon Museums, Spencer Kales, UO Clark Honors College
  • A True Northern Paiute Hero: An Analysis of Chief Egan and his Leadership in the Bannock-Paiute War of 1878, Kevin Lai, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Search for Peace on the Brink of Annihilation: Chiefs Paulina and Weahwewa and the Peace Agreement of 1868, Alec Malnati, UO Clark Honors College
  • The Mentality of Massacre: The Frame of Mind of Oregon’s Colonizers Towards the Northern Paiutes, Caleb Nelson, UO Clark Honors College
  • Boarding School Education and the Defense of Culture, Hannah Osborn, UO Clark Honors College
  • Timber Economics of the Northern Paiutes, Sage Parker, UO Clark Honors College
  • “Civilizing” the Northern Paiute Through Christianization, Hannah Saraceno, UO Clark Honors College
  • Joel Palmer, the Oregon Superintendency and the Northern Paiutes, 1853–1856, Daniella Stach, UO Clark Honors College
  • An Underrepresented Take on the Treaty of 1855: The Northern Paiute Experience and Perspective, Dar Yoon, UO Clark Honors College

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